In 2015, Chinese government proposed fertilizer zero growth policy with higher requirement for the fertilizer production and use. It is necessary task for fertilizer enterprises to improve the fertilizer utilization rate, to promote product structure and quality upgrading, to improve the level of innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection.

With the lower export tariffs, fertilizers exporting continued growth, more and more enterprises explore international markets, the world fertilizer trading platform is more important.

The conference will invite the exhibition audience, from the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the fertilizer production and traders to participate in the forums, set up effective interactive platform of international trade.

A unique opportunity to get acquainted with china and world market for trading information and technologies, to conclude business and upgrade knowledge in: Policies, New products trends, prices, new technologies.

Theme forum+ guest interviews, wholly simultaneous interpretation in English and Chinese, and negotiate standard booths outside conference hall, combined with the FSHOW exhibition at the same time, really the three-dimensional multi angle form of meeting.




Part   Theme Speeches   13:30-18:00  March 9, 2016

Opening Speech

Host: Madam Ma Chunyan, Deputy Chairman of CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry

l  Current Situation and Development Forecast of China Fertilizer Industry

Speech Maker: Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

l  Forecast of Global Fertilizer Market

Speech Maker: Expert from ICIS

l  Fertilizer Zero-growth Project and Its Impact on Fertilizer Industry

Speech Maker: Department of Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture

l  Developing trend in future fertilizer industry

One-control & Two-reduction Policy and the Thinking of Fertilizer Development

Speech Maker: Dr. Gao Xiangzhao, Chief Agronomist, National Agro-Tech Extension and Service

Centre (NATESC)


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