Potash Division of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association

China Bio-stimulants Development Union


NationalResearch and Promotion Center of Calcium Magnesium, Phosphor Compound Fertilizer

Fertilizer Division of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China


Agriculture modernization is one of the important targets for the next decade in China. Two of the most urgent problems need to be solved are improving agricultural ecological environment and improving the quality of cultivated land. Fertilizers take the important role in this solving process.


At present, traditional NPK fertilizer varieties are all in readiness, but the development of efficient and special fertilizers lag behind to meet the needs of the modern agriculture, such as requirements need for balanced fertilization, formula fertilization by soil testing, mechanized fertilization and fertigation application. It is of top priority to improve the quality and to adjust the product structure of fertilizers in China.


The Ministry of Agriculture of China released the zero-growth of chemical fertilizer plan. According to the plan, the target is to keep the annual increase rate of fertilizer utilization into 1% until 2020 and keep zero-growth since 2020. In order to achieve the target, the fertilizer structure needs to be optimized, the methods of manuring need to be improved and the utility ratio of fertilizers needs to be increased. It’s only less than three years until the deadline and it’s very urgent to promote the new technology and the utilization of organic fertilizers. At this very moment, fertilizer experts and manufacturers gather together to deliberate the development of China fertilizer industry to meet the requirement of the zero-growth of chemical fertilizer plan.

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