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CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry will hold the "2021 China International Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum" in Shanghai from March 3-4, 2021. This forum is one of the important events of "China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW)". FSHOW has developed into a grand event of exchange and integration in the field of new fertilizers. At that time, domestic and foreign agrochemical colleagues will gather to discuss the innovation and development of agricultural science and technology, and seek common development and progress of the fertilizer industry.

According to the United Nations World Population Outlook report, the world population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. How to meet the food needs of nearly 10 billion people undoubtedly poses a severe challenge to agriculture. Since the development of the chemical fertilizer industry, the use of fertilizers has contributed 50% to 60% of global food growth. However, with the increase in fertilizer use, the limiting factor in yield has changed from insufficient nutrition to physiological pressure. How to help crops overcome physiological barriers and further increase yield and quality, functional fertilizers are ushering in a period of opportunity for development. More and more scientific research units and production companies are turning their attention to the development of the physiological functions of fertilizers, from simple nutrition management to more precise plant physiological regulation. Pay more attention to the crop itself, and develop corresponding physiologically functional fertilizers for different parts of the roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc., for seedlings, flowering, young fruits, and mature color changes.

With the theme of "precision, high efficiency and health", this forum will cover six areas of root development, foliar nutrition, flowering and fruit stage management, soil improvement, fruit color conversion, and fertilizer additives, sharing the latest research progress and domestic and foreign trends. Discussing the field application technology of functional products, and introducing the status quo of the functional fertilizer market, future development trends, and regulatory regulations will also be an ideological feast for the fertilizer industry. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

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